Almost everyone would agree that it’s not easy to date in Los Angeles.They tend to be really busy. Here are some unconventional ways of dating girls in Los Angeles.

Sign up for a Volunteer Event

Signing up for a volunteer event comes with two major advantages: you’ll be doing something good, and you could meet a really nice person. Many single girls spend weekends or evenings volunteering. Some popular volunteer organizations are Hope for LA, the Compton Initiative, and the Sierra Club. Hope for LA has a calendar where you can see different events around town and sign up. Heal the Bay has volunteer events to help the environment. There are all kinds of organizations, from animal rescue to political.

Take a Dancing Class

LA singles love swing and salsa. You might need to take a class before, so you’re not fumbling around, but that’s part of the entry barrier. If it were so easy to meet girls in LA, everyone would. Nobody will think it’s creepy when you ask them to dance because that’s the point of the whole thing. Partner dancing is a great way to meet someone. It’s where people ask and want to be asked to dance. If swing dancing is something you might be interested in, swing has a full event calendar.

Sure, the club scene is an option, but what if it’s not your cup of tea? You’d be happy to know there are spots in LA where you can actually meet people.

Formosa Cafe

They say it’s as easy to meet people in Formosa as it was when Frank Sinatra came here five decades ago. In the back bar, you’ll find hot girls enjoying tiki drinks and dancing on the patio upstairs until closing time. If you’re looking to share something with a special someone, we recommend the chili wontons.

High Tide

This is a dance club, a seafood restaurant, and a beer bar all in one. This novel concept actually works, quite well at that. It’s the perfect place to go when you want to meet girls in LA. They have a unique patio with live music on weekends. The patio houses a glassblowing studio and always fills up. You might prefer the low-key atmosphere at High Tide on weekdays. You can go home with someone after their trivia on Wednesday night.

Tramp Stamp Granny’s

The name is misleading. This is, in fact, a piano bar where you can sing to your heart’s content with total strangers. Look no further if that’s something you would enjoy.