Comedians make people happy. They just have a way of making their audience chuckle and giggle in a fit of laughter. Being a comedian is actually a very hard job. It is much easier to make people cry than laugh. The humor must always be there, subtle, and on point. There are many successful comedians all over the world, and there are new names in 2018 to watch out for while they are still starting to come out of their shell. Who knows, in the near future, they are already famous.

Joel Kim Booster

A bright comedian who is taking the indie scene by storm is known to be skeptical in his point of view. His tight jokes are making people laugh, and he has a subtle and quiet charm about him that makes his audience lean closer for more.

Mamoudou N’Diaye

This busy man is a stand-up comedian, published neuroscientist, writer, previously a middle school teacher, and a DJ. His comedy act involves political satire, social activism, and pop culture.

Kimberly Clark

This inconspicuous and cool girl gives a stage presence that conveys fearless personality and biting wit. She is not the demanding and forceful sort, but once people listen to her talk and make jokes and have fun, they will soon find out that the unassuming comedian has a way of making people see her point of view very clearly.

Caroline Castro

This native from Puerto Rico lives in the South Bronx. She writes jokes, performs her own lines and sings parody songs. She has a high chance of success in the comedy world, and has the will to get there.

Lizzy Cooperman

This young lady writes and tells her own jokes, and plays around the words to make her audience confused, then hits them with realities of what she’s saying. Her masterful way of twisting words is remarkable.