For pranksters, there is one day every year where huge and small pranks can be forgiven with a laugh.This day, you should not believe in anything that your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and everyone you know throws at you. There are some pranks that are not funny, and there are those that are hilariously funny. What is important is never to lose your cool, and keep the spirit of camaraderie going for the whole day. You can even throw in a prank or two yourself, just make sure that research current and old pranks so you can give an element of surprise to others.

April Fools day in 2018 has come and go, and here are the best franks created for the year:

Google map – Where’s Waldo?

This is not a surprise prank from Google since this has been announces prior to April Fools day. However, this prank is great one where many mobile users are ecstatic about. This game is a scavenger hunt where the Waldo character shows up in the screen, but disappears, leaving one hint to find him in a couple of levels.

Lego vacuum

Many Lego fans are fooled by their friends when they are shown the new fake Lego promotional ad that states the coming of new Lego Vacuum called VacuSort, the revolutionary brick sorting vacuum that can sort by color and brick, separates dust, and easy to clean. Lego fans were extremely happy, only to find that they have been played upon using their Lego weakness of sorting bricks.

Cemetery proposal

A couple posted a photo about the boyfriend kneeling down to propose to an astonished girlfriend in the cemetery, and 99% of the people who have seen the photo on April Fools day actually believed it! Guess no one finds it weird that the proposal happened where people are buried.