What’s the deal with hentai and anime porn?

The internet has both expanded and exposed the popularity of porn all over the world. Statistical data helps pinpoint the large number of people who visit adult sites each day. Not only that, but what kind of adult material the individuals are watching.


Porn is so popular, that more than one-third of the content found online is related to it. Yet that is not the biggest surprise of all. The real news is what some of the top genres in pornography have turned out to be. For instance, there’s cartoon, anime and hentai porno.

All of them have managed to earn top spots in adult categories. Which brings many to the question of what exactly is the attraction to this kind of smut? After all, the web is full of images, porn GIFS and sex videos of hot, horny and sensuous women. Why would people choose to watch cartoon sex videos when they can see real-life humans doing it? Incidentally, why do these individuals prefer this kind of pornography much more than regular smut?

The answers to these questions can vary depending on whom you ask. In part it’s because there are different reasons for everyone. Some hentai, cartoon and anime porn watchers like the fantasy aspect of it. Unlike traditional porn that takes place between humans, in animated worlds, there are no boundaries. Case in point are the many movies which show cartoon characters having sex with aliens and animals. Others depict them engaged in sexual acts with famous celebrities or popular mainstream cartoon characters. The creators of the animated porn have no boundaries to what they can make via computer generated images or hand drawn characters.

Interestingly enough, this is also a reason why some call animated porn dangerous. They point to the lack of limitations in the hentai sex videos for example. The stories or things that take place in these videos are sometimes violent. You also have the fact that many of the girls depicted in these movies are close to perfect. They have beautiful faces, luscious bodies and huge knockers. Male characters on the other hand, have humongous penises. In some cases, penises which defy logic as far as the size is concerned. Ironically, they can still fit their huge monster penises into the tight vaginas of the female characters.

Psychologists also point to childhood sexual fantasies as playing a role in the popularity of animated porno. The people who grew up watching cartoons, are now able to see them having sex and doing all types of sexual acts. In the end, it proves part of the reason porn is so popular in the first place. That is because there is something for everyone to enjoy; no matter what your particular preference of fantasy may be.

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