They’re baaaack! Move over Mimi, Los Vasquez Sounds Set to Strike Again

Los Vasquez Sounds Viral

All they want for Christmas is 14 Million page views

Diego on My Browser


Google pays tribute to the Mexican muralist

“La Cucaracha” cartoonist moving to Africa?

Cucaracha Characters

Break out the Raid! Lalo Alcaraz talks about the challenges facing the modern-day Latino, the natural hilarity of day laborers, and his most memorable piece of hate mail.

Pop Art

Jarritos Mexican Soda

Looking for artist to “describe what Jarritos means to them,” the popular Mexican soda pop company announced a call for submissions for its “Flavor City” campaign.  

Mother of the year award goes to…

Taco Bell Heart

¡Yo Quiero Toddler!

And Now in Obscure Cartoon News…

Top Cat Don Gato y Su Pandilla

For all you non-paisanos out there, this is going to cause as much of a WTF-inducing shock as saying that Snagglepuss is huge in Lithuania, but  Hanna-Barbera’s short-lived Top Cat is nothing short of  a pop culture phenom down Mexico way. 

¡Now in Color!

Google pays tribute to Mexican engineer Guillermo González Camarena—inventor of color television, with his own doodle

Mexican Hall of Fame

Chug, Chug, Chug!
On second thought…don’t.

Mexican Hall of Fame: The Rosca


Rock me, Baby Jesus (and maybe chip my tooth while you’re at it)


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