Can You Score Me Some Chinos?

Tianguis Ropa Mexican Market

Mexico’s latest illicit trade has tags—and an inseam.

My Bologna Has a First Name: It’s B-U-S-T-E-D

Bologna Sandwich

SANTA TERESA, N.M.–Sleep soundly tonight. Border Patrol agents have effectively removed 385 pounds of contraband bologna off the streets.

Toy Story: Tijuana Children Ditch Toy Guns as Part of State Program

Gold AK

Over a thousand children attended Potros stadium this week in eastern Tijuana to exchange their play guns, switchblades and other plastic warfare for more sensible soccer balls and “mental agility games” TJ daily El Sol de Tijuana reports.  

Tijuana’s Mug Shot Hall of Shame

Nabbed is the coffee kingpin. 46-year-old Armando Hernández López' cafeine addiction forced him to break into a convenience store in the El Refugio township where he lifted two jars of instant coffee. He was apprehended by the store's security guards and was handed over to the authorities. A parallel investigation is underway to determine if he's involved in a series of unresolved cookie heists and an underground Coffee-Mate creamer ring.

Sleep calmly—the Nescafé bandit rides no more


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