Pollo Tours

Barbed Wire Fence

Arizona-based tour company wants to give you the illegal experience.

“La Cucaracha” cartoonist moving to Africa?

Cucaracha Characters

Break out the Raid! Lalo Alcaraz talks about the challenges facing the modern-day Latino, the natural hilarity of day laborers, and his most memorable piece of hate mail.

Organized Crime Cartel Issues ‘Code of Conduct’ Booklet

Knights Templar Shield

The Selena Gomez of Mexican organized crime cartels, The Knights Templar has issued a 22-page pocket-size “code of conduct” the AP reports.  

Ciudad Juárez Cop Shoots Dog for Barking at Him

Canela Animal Cruelty Juarez Mexico

Here at the Show we try to keep it light and fluffy, but every once in a while we’ll come across a piece of news that puts our stripes in a tizzy. This is one of those instances. 

Can You Score Me Some Chinos?

Tianguis Ropa Mexican Market

Mexico’s latest illicit trade has tags—and an inseam.

My Bologna Has a First Name: It’s B-U-S-T-E-D

Bologna Sandwich

SANTA TERESA, N.M.–Sleep soundly tonight. Border Patrol agents have effectively removed 385 pounds of contraband bologna off the streets.

Lady Gaga, the New Cesar Chavez?

Lady Gaga Mexico

Lady Gaga premiered the pro-immigrants right song “Americano” from her upcoming Born This Way album during a recent concert stop in Guadalajara, Jalisco.  

Tijuana Border Reading Program Kicks Off

Tijuana Lee 3 Librobici

Photo dispatch from Tijuana’s “Lectura en Espera” launch

Tijuana to Spearhead Border Literacy Project

Tijuana Open Book

Don’t eat the bookworm!

With Chubby Chamacos and “Reverse Anchor Babies” the Reconquista is SO On! Thank You, SNL

Saturday Night Live

Withy the tagline “Coffee, smiles, fear and terror,” Saturday Night Life debuted its first Fox & Friends parody.  


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